A very different form of ‘Painting with Light’

‘Painting with light’ is a term often used by photographers.  But John used very different ‘special effect’ techniques, without any computer, to create these stunning unique pictures. Find out much more at: http://www.jncohen.net/

A picture titled ‘Spirit of Spring’ by John N. Cohen was the first ever picture (taken on a Kodachrome transparency film) that included both a negative of a tulip and a positive image of a girl’s portrait, all on the same emulsion!!!  No one knew at the time how this could be possible as it was created well before anyone had the use of computers.

John discovered and then invented this form of ‘Painting with Light’ that was/still is, a very original, but different photographic technique. This is pure photography on film and has nothing to do with moving lights to make light graffiti, or of lighting specific parts of a dark scene with a long exposure.

His free publication titled ‘The Magic Lantern’ fully describes ‘Painting with Light’ and explains exactly how anyone can do it without any computer, darkroom chemicals, or expensive equipment!  Digital camera users can also use many of his techniques that have certain qualities that are a little different from those achievable by digital manipulation. Please have a look at: –

‘Spirit of Spring’ won the London Salon Trophy in 1967;  this was then the first time a colour picture was deemed worthy of this much-coveted Trophy, for it had only ever been awarded for Black and White studies before.  John was then also the youngest member to have won it.

Reference: Wikipedia about John’s ‘Painting With Light’

“After many one-man exhibitions and much recognition John Cohen’s award winning pictures are only just available to purchase.  These are pictures that really make quite a statement.”

All these pictures are for sale. Please see, for prices, sizes and a lot more information: –


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